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Easy Savings Tips Using Energy Efficiency Wall

Part of Prairie Power’s Energy Efficiency Wall Increasing energy efficiency is the most economical way to reduce energy usage and lower utility bills.  In an effort to demonstrate practical ways to save energy through home improvements, Prairie Power, Inc. and … Continue reading

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Simple Steps to Save Energy and Money This Holiday Season

A Consumer Reports National Research Center poll found 40% of consumers are worried about money or the economy this holiday season. So here is a gift that keeps giving – energy saving retro-fits that quickly pay for themselves. Use an … Continue reading

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An Energy Bill Breakdown and What You Can Do to Lower It

According to EnergyStar, the average household spends about $2,200 a year on their energy bill. So here’s an energy bill breakdown: 46% on HVAC systems. 14% on Water Heating. 12% on Lighting. 13% on Home Appliances. 11% on other Electronics … Continue reading

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Energy Efficient Projects You Can Do In Under An Hour

With cooler days ahead, why not take some time now to winterize your home with some quick and easy energy efficient projects you can complete in under an hour. Here are ten ways you can save energy and money around … Continue reading

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Which Light Bulb to Buy? Read the Latest Consumer Reports Study

“Lightbulbs: We find 11 top picks and take a look at LEDs” Continue reading

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