Save Energy and Money Doing Your Laundry

Washing and drying your clothes can use a fair amount of energy.

To save energy and money, try washing your clothes in cold water and make sure you have a full load before starting.

Save Energy and Money on Doing Your Laundry

Wash your clothes in cold water to save energy

Also when drying your clothes, try not to over-dry them – 50 minutes often works best for a full dryer. Finally, always make sure to clean the inside lint filter before each load.

One more thing, if the weather is nice, why not try drying your clothes with solar power by using clothes line.


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3 Responses to Save Energy and Money Doing Your Laundry

  1. A very important step to ensure your clothes dryer is running safe and efficient is to have your dryers vent system professionally inspected and cleaned annually. If your drying times increase even slightly, then it is very likely that your dryer’s vents are clogging up with excess lint that has made it past your lint trap. Keep in mind on average the dryer’s lint trap only filters 90% of the lint. This is allowing 10% to stick to the inside of your exhaust duct work. Most newer homes in Florida have 12 to 30 feet of duct work venting your dryer through the interior walls, attic and out the roof. Lint build up occurs preventing the steam your dryer makes from escaping quickly enough, thus increasing your dry times. Increased dry times cost money and creates an increased potential for a dryer fire.

  2. eugene Margraf says:

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