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Simple Steps to Save Energy and Money This Holiday Season

A Consumer Reports National Research Center poll found 40% of consumers are worried about money or the economy this holiday season. So here is a gift that keeps giving – energy saving retro-fits that quickly pay for themselves. Use an … Continue reading

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Pass the Savings: How to Save Energy In Your Kitchen This Holiday Season

From appliances and lighting to home sealing and small cooking tips, there are plenty of ways to improve the energy efficiency of your kitchen and save on energy bills this holiday season. First, use your microwave or a slow cooker … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Consumption in the United States

For anyone who is curious about how the U.S. generates electricity, below is an interesting Infographic. Source:LiveScience

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Energy Efficiency for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are often electricity guzzlers, and fixing that isn’t easy but here are some tips to help you save energy and money. First, be ready to get down and dirty to find out which recommendations apply to your specific … Continue reading

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A Warning Against Heater Hype

As the colder weather begins to roll in, many rush out to buy portable heaters to help stay warm. Some even promise to heat your homes for just pennies a day. However, a watt is still a watt and they … Continue reading

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